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Learning Management System Orientation

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  • Author
    Hybrid Core
  • Level
  • Study time
    8 hours
  • Online
    3 hours

What's included?

  • QA Sessions
  • VR Tutorial
  • Online Tutorials
  • Quizzes
  • Certification

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Navigate, Explore, and Excel with Pennademy LMS! Master the Tools, Embrace the Opportunities. Harness the Power of Pennademy's LMS Platform.

Certification included

Unlock your full potential and receive a prestigious certificate, marking your accomplishment and opening doors to endless opportunities.


Hybrid Core, a Belgian deep technology and consultancy company, empowers strategic digital transformation, ensuring digital sovereignty. With a highly experienced team, we provide innovative solutions in hyper-connected environments, primarily in security sector reform, hybrid intelligence, AI-powered predictions, and dynamic simulations. 

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